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Join a HD 136 Community Advisory Board

Are you passionate about policy and community engagement? Apply today to join a HD 136 Community Advisory Board. The deadline to apply is Dec. 15, 2018.

More information and the application form may be found here.

The Community Advisory Boards (CABs) for Texas House District 136 will comprise of a diverse group of individuals with strong ties to the community we serve. Each CAB member has a keen understanding of House District 136 and the State Legislature. This knowledge enables us to tailor Representative-Elect Bucy’s legislative agenda and ensure the needs of the constituents in HD 136 are being heard. There will be CABs for the following areas: Education, Healthcare, City & County Affairs, and Social Justice & Equity, with further CABs created if and when the need arises.

Note: Membership is not restricted to residents of HD 136, but strong preference and consideration will be given to constituents.

Purpose: - Identify legislation during the 86th Legislative Session that is of interest to House District 136. - Disseminate information from the office of Rep-elect Bucy about legislation that will impact the community. - Provide advice and counsel regarding community needs to the office of Rep-elect John Bucy. - Assist the staff of Rep-elect Bucy in weighing and balancing the legislative priorities among various constituencies it serves. - Provide recommendations, as appropriate, on Rep-elect Bucy’s overall strategic plan for House District 136.

- Schedule a day at the Capitol to lobby House Members for your agreed upon agenda.

Commitment: The Community Advisory Board is committed to remaining informed about Representative-elect Bucy’s mission, programs, activities, accomplishments, and strategic plan for House District 136.

Meetings: The Community Advisory Boards meet the third Tuesday of each month. The first meeting will be January 15, 2019. Members may change the time and date that they meet by mutual agreement.


There will be a Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary for each Community Advisory Board.

Policy Areas:

- Education - Public and higher education, special education, school funding, school to prison pipeline.

- Healthcare - Medicaid expansion, mental health, reproductive justice, services for disabled community.

- City & County Affairs - Business, arts, culture, partnerships, traffic and infrastructure, local control.

- Social Justice & Equity - Voting rights, LGBT bills, racial justice, pay equity, criminal justice.

Note: Descriptions are meant to give an example of what sorts of policies/topics may fall under a Community Advisory Board. It is not meant to be exclusive or exhaustive and input from members is both welcomed and encouraged.


Applications will be accepted Dec. 5 – 15, 2018. You may apply by filling out this form. Please direct any questions to johnbucy@bucyfortexas.com or to 512-680-3762.

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