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My name is John Bucy.

I’m a small business owner who started an organization to give nearly 200,000 public school students across Texas access to sports and extracurricular activities they otherwise didn’t have.


There’s a saying among coaches that sports don’t build character; they reveal it. 


Right now we’re seeing the character, or lack thereof, in too many of our elected leaders — from excusing sexual predators to protecting corporate tax cuts while leaving homeowners and schools holding the bag.


We need balance and accountability now.


As the past Chair for the Williamson County Democratic Party, I worked to invite more civic participation and elect new voices to local office that are bringing diversity of thought and experience to the table. 


A few of the leaders I’m proud to have helped include Terry Cook to the County Commission, Jimmy Flannigan to the Austin City Council, and my Campaign Treasurer, Heather Jefts and Anne Duffy to the Cedar Park City Council.


In politics as in sports lack of competition is unhealthy. While Amazon is looking to locate and build a major new headquarters in an urban area that values education, our legislature, under one-party rule, refused to help public schools keep up with growth.


Our politics are broken. 


My life has been devoted to bringing people together to the bring out the best in all of us. It’s a mission reinforced by my wife and partner Molly, a special education pre-school teacher who was awarded Teacher of the Year in 2014.


This is a district that Donald Trump lost. Families here believe in education, a fair playing field, and old-fashioned values like respect for each other, and for facts.


These times call for us to reveal our character. To show the courage to buck the line and stand for principle. To bring people to the table, including business leaders and teachers, medical providers and non-profit leaders, those who have been here for generations and those who got to Texas as fast as they could.


If we do that, we can have the honest conversations needed to put education and economic competitiveness at the forefront, to build out infrastructure and talk responsibly about how we share the burden rather than leave homeowners picking up the bulk of the tab.


If you’re ready to change how politics works… if you’re ready for balance, sanity and to start building our communities up, then join us.